To coincide with Korg becoming playable in Contest of Champions, Marvel has put together a short motion comic! It’s about Korg creating the Revolution 2.0, or “Re-Revolution”, as he likes to call it, and all the odd ducks he’s trying to recruit for it. Taika Waititi reprises his role as Korg, and the soft-spoken voice actor has never been better, it really fits the short so well.

The best way I could describe the motion comic is “cute and cozy”, seriously, I could listen to this guy talk forever. He should do a Korg ASMR Twitch stream, and I am willing to bet that he could lull thousands of people to sleep with his voice. Okay maybe that won’t happen, but a guy can dream, right? Check out the video above and let us know what you think and if you’re excited to check out Korg in Contest of Champions!

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