Kotaku Post Gives You 30yr Retrospective in Hoth Battle Gaming

Kotaku put together a great compilation of videos detailing the famous Hoth Battle from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ to commemorate the films 30th anniversary.  What Star Wars fan doesn’t remember this particular battle as probably the finest and most exhilarating moment in the Star Wars saga?  For me it stands out as one of the most iconic moments in the franchise, and I’ll never forget the first time I saw those four legged AT-ATs lumbering towards Echo Base.  I loved their dinosaur look and clunking sound as they walked.  It truly is a masterpiece in film making.

Over the past 3o years, game developers have tried their hardest to capture the alluring appeal of the Hoth battle in a video game.  Some have succeeded while others have failed, which is mainly due to the available technology when they made their game i.e. the Atari 2600 version.  I’ve grabbed a few of my favorite Hoth battles in game form from Kotaku’s full post to show you below.  If you’d like to see their entire list head on over to their site using the Via link at the end of the post.  May the force be with you, always!  Thanks Obi-Wan, you too!  You’ve been taken down a very geeky memory lane…

First ever Hoth Battle in a Game:  Atari 2600 – Super Ghetto.  Oh yeah and the game never ends.


Some of you older gamers may have played this next Atari Hoth Battle in the arcade.  It was quite fun but still graphically challenged.  Good ol’ vector graphics.


I remember biting my NES controller over this next Hoth Battle multiple times.  There were no saves or continues back in these days.  Torturous!  Love the 8-bit music and look.


The Rebel Assault version of the Hoth Battle was probably one of my faves.  For the first time I truly felt like Luke taking on the Empire’s AT-ATs.  Loved it!


Here we have the Star Wars Trilogy Arcade version of the Hoth Battle.  This is probably my favorite arcade machine of all-time.  I still find myself wasting money on it at places like Dave and Busters, or Gameworks.  One day I want one of these units in my Man Sanctuary.  I’ve actually broke out in sweats while playing this.  I take my Star Wars gaming very seriously, and I also like to eat alot.  Not sure which causes the excessive sweating?


With Star Wars Battlefront on the Xbox, Star Wars fans got to pilot an AT-AT for the first time.  Probably one of the biggest highlights in my life, but I do set the bar pretty low, so don’t make fun of me for saying that.  Start watching about 5:30 in.  This is where the AT-AT driving begins.  F*cking brilliant!


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