Kris Humphries Claims He Has Proof He Was Set Up To Be The Bad Guy

Which reality show is complete without some spice and drama added to it? Judges having “tears of joy” seeing the performance of one of the competitors… war of words between two contestants… it has become a common scenario with many reality shows. It’s all good when it happens within the four walls of the set… the director asks the judges or the candidates to add some spice… They do it and BOOM the TRP ratings sky rockets (most of the times)! But its ugly head might rear when one of them start playing “I am the victim here” game. Guess that is what Kim Humphries is trying to do with his “I-Have-Been-Set-Up-To-Play-The-Bad-guy” talk!

Kris’s mail proof: a new twist to the on-going drama!

In the last season of “Kourtney and Kim Take New York”, Kris Humphries gave out a completely immature and aggressive image. Reportedly he was setup by the producers to deliberately antagonize Kim’s best friend Jonathan Cheban. A source has revealed that Kris has written proof that he had been instructed to ask some “personal questions” to Jonathan which had made him look like the bad guy at the end of the day. With the divorce depositions that are going to begin in June, an insider source says that the lawyers are planning to bring up this issue. They are going to ask Kim about the instructions given by the producers to Kris in the e-mail. It is a new twist to a dragging divorce suit between the two and is going to get messier with Kris’s “proof”!

The not so happy and messy ever after!

There is a video of Kim Kardashian breaking down and saying that she is no longer in love with her husband, Kris Humphries just after 72 days of their wedding. Talk about shortest celebrity marriages! She has been quoted saying that her feelings has “changed” and feels that she is no longer in “love” with husband dear. She goes on saying that Chris is a very nice guy and everything she wanted in a husband. But now, the two of them are fighting and arguing for everything including a Ferrari given to them as a wedding gift by a Malaysian businessman.

Kris Humphries and his lawyers want all the court hearings to be videotaped for the public. Kim who lives her life in the limelight, for some reason doesn’t want her divorce to be publicized! The entire divorce scenario makes us ask a couple of questions. Was the wedding and the subsequent 72-day marriage a complete set-up to promote “Kourtney and Kim Take New York”? What about the messy on-going divorce? Is it to grab more media attention? Well in that case, Kim has really taken the drama of reality shows to a different level!


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