Kylo Ren is Set for a Wardrobe Change for ‘Episode VIII’

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If you’re not interested in learning about Kylo Ren’s expected wardrobe claim and the connection to a prior sith lord, stop reading now, as minor spoilers appear.

The Force Awakens unveiled a new dark enemy who conspicuously modeled himself after Darth Vader. While the emotional side of Kylo Ren was made apparent early and often, it became clear early on whose footsteps he was following, right down to his outfit. A black helmet, black robes, and a red lightsaber. It’s Darth Vader incarnate, or so he tries.

With Episode VIII on the horizon, a few changes are being made to Ren’s getup. The helmet is slated to remain the same, but the robes and cape are set for an upgrade. Here’s more information provided by Making Star Wars:

“The best way to describe Kylo Ren’s under-robe is that it is sort of like the black costume Luke wore in Return of the Jedi. However, the notable thing about the costume is the cape itself. The cape does not have the same chain clasp. It is not entirely clear if this cape is one Kylo made to resemble that of his grandfather’s or if he actually procured one of Darth Vader’s capes that probably fell into the hands of collectors in the Star Wars galaxy.”

While it isn’t anything groundbreaking, if this report holds true it’s a neat little throwback to the saga’s two prior rivals and how they’ve influenced the current state of Ren’s existence and motivation.

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