L.A. Gets Transformed Into Living Art in ‘City Lights’ Timelapse

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Colin Rich’s ‘City Lights’ is the culmination of a multi-year film project in which the filmmaker recorded various landscapes of the Los Angeles area to showcase the organic quality of a massive city in motion. Rich used timelapse video techniques to capture some exquisite shots of L.A.’s most iconic locations and scenery. Each scene is a unique work of art that brings the City of Angels to life like never before, and offers a look of the city in action reinforcing the organic feel of the video. At times it almost looks like a city you’d see in a movie about the future, or a possibly the Grid from the Tron movies. Trust me, it’s beauty in motion.

If you’ve been needing a few moments of serenity then you should check out Rich’s masterpiece after the break. His own words describing the project can be found down below as well. They’re deep, but offer insight into Rich’s thought process.

From the creator:

“‘City Lights’ is the final chapter from my “Trilogy of Light” series that began a couple years ago with ‘LA Light’ and then followed up with ‘Nightfall’. It was an nightly adventure that took me to almost every angle of Los Angeles. It was an exercise in patience. A lesson in light. An understanding of what it is to live amongst each other and to understand the system and order of a city, the seemingly complex organics that make it up and the life form that the city truly is. A visualization of sonder. It was a daily jaunt to watch the arterial freeway systems pump car cells through its body and channel them to the capillaric avenues that are our neighborhoods and homes. It was a chance to break away from the 70mph freeway perspective and to observe the sun slip from view and watch the electric dance of nightfall begin. It was challenging. It was frustrating. Definitely dangerous at times. Sometimes it hurt. I was chased. Yelled at. Warned. But the overall context of things learned, people met, things seen, and places discovered over the past three years shaped who I am today. I didn’t always love Los Angeles but I learned to and discovered that this city is much more than temperate weather, palm trees, pretty girls, and beaches; to me the true beauty behind the city lies hidden on the other end of a rusted fire escape to a view no one else has seen.

I’m looking forward to the next chapter of my film making career where I will be concentrating on narrative and documentary films.

Thanks for watching, reading, and supporting my films.


I will be running a limited series of high quality Kodak Endura VC metallic prints based on each series of shots. If you are interested in purchasing them, please email me at [email protected] with the shot (timecode).

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