I’m not sure why this video showed up on, because it’s more impressive in nature than funny, but that’s where I found it.  Parkour is the art of traversing the cityscape in the most direct route possible.  If there’s a wall or an obstacle in the way, a Parkourist will find a way around it that typically involves some sort of ninja like maneuver.  It really is an awesome sport/stunt to watch, and it’s even more impressive when ladders are involved.

In this video these Parkour fiends use custom made ladders to get all Spidey on the city’s buildings.  I’m pretty sure this is all real even though the stunts are done for an energy drink commercial.  My balls are definitely not big enough to do any of this crap.  I’m cool with using standard forms of transportation to get around.  Ladder parkour is best left for crazy ninjas.  You’ve been climbed…


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