Ladies Can Enhance Their Shopping Experience With a Kinect!

TopShop, which is a huge European department store, has implemented Microsoft’s Kinect motion-controller at one of their Moscow locations in a very unique manner.  Basically, they took a large display screen and hooked a Kinect up to it to make it look like a mirror.  I’ll admit that’s not that exciting, but what I didn’t mention is the fact that while looking into this Kinect mirror women can try on dresses virtually without the need of a changing room.  Now that’s exciting!  I’m not a woman (most of the time), but I would imagine that it’s a pain in the a*s to have to try on dress after dress before the right one is found, so I could see how TopShop’s Kinect mirror could be a valuable tool in the struggle to find the next hot piece of fashion for a woman’s closet.

They just need to figure out how to make this magical mirror an x-ray device, so all of the pervy husbands who’ve been dragged around for a day of shopping can get some cheap thrills out of the trip.  Ladies, if you’ve ever hated on gaming technology make sure to watch the video below, so you can see that these things just aren’t meant to rot people’s brains.  You’ve been hoping for the lingerie version of this concept to hit a department store near you…


TopShop Augmented Fitting Rooms Using the Kinect



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