Lance From Contra and Other Retro Game Characters Get Their Own MK Fatalities

One of my favorite series from the Machinima YouTube empire is their Mortal Kombat Secret Character Tryouts franchise.  Each episode shows gamers what it’d be like if retro video game characters had their very own Mortal Kombat fatalities.  In this particular episode we get to see some classic characters from the days of 8-bit gaming showing off their best finishers to Shao Kahn.  I especially enjoyed Lance’s who is the blue pant wearing soldier from Contra.  Let’s just say there’s a little up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right action involved.  Check out all of the retro infused MK fatalities below.  You’ve been wishing these were somehow a reality…

Mortal Kombat Secret Character Tryouts Ep.7

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