‘Laser League’ March 2018 Update is Available Now

Months ago, I was able to test out a game called, Laser League and it was fantastic. It is a high action, arena/sports game where the goal is to eliminate the enemy team. This new update brings a new arena, home to two of the region’s best teams, the Falcons, and the Cobras. Remember, you can download Laser League here! from Steam Check out the trailer for the new update above and look below for the full information for this new update.

About the March Update:

A cool blue oasis in the harsh desert, Al Shama stadium’s Laser maps flow like waterintricate and
constantly morphing designs that require perpetual movement in order to survive.
They are:
• CHEVRON: Restrictive. Requires constant movement
• VEXATION: Complex. Breaks into regions
• SLINGSHOT: Dynamic. Dangerous long lasers
• SINGULARITY: Centric. Centre domination is key.

Teams playing in Al Shama will experiment the effects of 2 new powerups:
• Stun, which briefly downs the opposing team.
• Lockdown, which prevents one team from wall wrapping!

That’s not all! Existing Stadiums will see their map catalog increase with the following new maps:
• [Empire Campus] WRAPGAME: Tactical. Wall wrapping is key.
• [Geng Hao Megaplex] CROSSFIRE: Shred. Long spinning lasers.
• [SilverTip Arena] TURBINE: Locomotive. Kinetic domination of space.

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