Halloween is here and there will be plenty of parties to attend, but you don’t want to be the person without a costume. Going to a costume shop the day of Halloween can be a nightmare and you’ll have slim pickings to choose from. If you don’t have a costume, but you’re looking for something quick and easy, then Entertainment Buddha has the quick and easy costume list for you. These ideas are also very budget friendly and most items can be obtained at Walmart.

Walking Dead

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This one is really easy. Get some old clothes and rub them in dirt and rip some holes in the shirt and jeans. The goal is to look really dirty and like you haven’t eaten in days. Mix some red food coloring in corn syrup to make some fake blood. You can smear it or make a splatter effect to make it look like you’ve killed a few zombies.



Sam and Dean are the easiest costumes on this list. Sam and Dean rock flannel shirts, jeans, and boots. You can go into your own closet for this one, or make a quick trip to Walmart if needed. Again, there isn’t much to these guys.



This one is pretty easy. Jeans, cigar, and a white fruit of looms tank top. Muscles might be required, but on Halloween anyone can pull this off. If you have the time to make yourself claws, do so, but you may not need them. Also, you can’t forget about the side burns if you really want to get into character.

Breaking Bad



Snag a yellow hazmat suit and you’re done. If you want to dress in regular clothes that’s ok too. For Jesse you’ll need some sort of tribal shirt, oversized jacket, jeans, and a beanie. For Walter White all you need is a light green button down, and some white under wear. That is as easy as it gets folks. If you really want to play the part and have the time, you can also heat some sugar and add some blue food coloring. Add enough to make it that baby blue color. Once you get the right color, let it cool and then break into pieces and you have an inexpensive prop.

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