Latest Forces of Destiny Short Confirms The Fates of Rebels’ Hera and Chopper

One of the latest episodes of Star Wars Forces of Destiny confirms the fates of two major Star Wars Rebels characters. This was hinted at awhile ago when Disney first teased the Forces of Destiny shorts last spring, but thanks to the airing of “An Imperial Feast”, we now know what happened to Hera and Chopper after the Battle of Scarif.

When we heard Hera’s name being called over the loud speaker, or saw Chopper lumbering through the Yavin IV hanger during Rogue One, we all but knew that the two were more than likely piloting the Ghost when the ship was shown taking part in the Battle of Scarif. What we didn’t know is what would happen to them after that battle. Did Vader’s attack take them out, or have they been forgotten were questions fans of Star Wars Rebels had, and now thanks to Forces of Destiny, we know the answer. Both Hera, Chopper, and the Ghost all survived the Scarif attack, and in fact, they made it all the way through the destruction of the second Death Star. This means that both of them took place in the Battle of Endor, and helped to take down the Emperor and his second Death Star. What’s even better is that she and Han Solo have a little feud going on about which ship is the best in the fleet between the Ghost and the Falcon.

You’ve got to appreciate this series’ ability to provide little story nuggets like this that only help to bring the Star Wars universe of properties together into one overarching medium independent saga. This is story telling at its finest in terms of connecting dots through different visual mediums, so if you’ve been skipping out on Forces of Destiny, you should definitely reconsider.

Speaking of which, there’s another new episode of the cartoon you can watch below, which shows how Unkar Plutt got one of his spaceships we see in TFA that gets blown up by the First Order.

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