Peter Jackson and team are finally back on the set of The Hobbit, which means its time for a new behind the scenes diary to see what the caretakers of Tolkien’s universe on the big screen are up to.  I’ve expressed my fanboy love for Jackson and his excellent LOTR trilogy where he also took extra care to document the filming process, so I can’t get enough of these little 10 minute production diaries that he’s been putting out for The Hobbit duology (yeah I made that one up, but it works).

This is the 4th diary to come out, and this time around we get to see how 3D will be used in this film.  To be quite honest with you this is a great inside look at how movies get made in 3D.  Considering that Jackson seems to be shooting it from the ground up in this manner, the 3D of The Hobbit should rival Cameron’s Avatar.  It’s not the actual movie folks, but it’ll give Tolkien fanboys and girls something to chew on until the first Hobbit movie releases in December of 2012.  Just think, we’re almost a year away.  Check it out below and get learned.  You’ve been hoping you don’t die before these movies get released…

The Hobbit: Behind the Scenes Diary #4 – 3D

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