Lawbreakers is an online competitive multiplayer shooter with a few twists to it, designed by the one and only, Cliff Bleszinski. An easy way to think about it is a grittier form of the hit, Overwatch. Before participating in the Alpha test for Lawbreakers, I knew a little bit of what to expect, but boy was I blown away. There was a lot of good that came out of the alpha test followed by a couple of things that I would change. In the current build there were four characters that you could choose from; the Assassin, the Enforcer, the Vanguard and the Titan. Each character came with their own set of abilities and weapons that set one another apart. My personal favorite, as you’ll see, was the Assassin who is outfitted with a pair of blades with an energy rope they can swing with. The combat was solid and kept my attention throughout the entirety of the test.

There were only a few things, if any, that I would change about the game. In the test there were only two game modes, the one shown above was the Overcharge game mode. In Overcharge, both teams have to get the battery to their base and charge it fully to gain a point, first one to two points wins. My only complaint is that some of the matches played lasted much longer than 30 minutes, and some would last only about 10-15 minutes.

Overall, the test was solid and I am looking forward to playing the full release when it comes out, but you can check out everything Lawbreakers on Steam or on their website, but for now, check out the video preview!


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Preview Statement: The author of this post received a code to participate for the alpha from the publisher.

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