Lawbreakers developer Boss Key is here with a helpful video, talking all about their favorite parts of the Enforcer, the recently announced class in their new game. If you can take one very important thing away from this, it’s that the Enforcer is probably going to be the class that most new players go to, because he is extremely versatile, both offensively and as a support unit.

Not only is he able to quickly zip around the environment, taking out enemies from all different ranges, but he can also help out his teammates with a variety of items such as his EMP grenade. By using this, he can disable enemy abilities for a short while, allowing teammates with larger firepower to wipe the floor with a group of enemies.


Now, if I can’t make a good enough point about this guy, then check out this awesome infographic! The actual character from each team is pretty cool, I really like their designs and attitudes, they really seem to exemplify their respective teams, I don’t know enough about the story, but they both seem rather important to the lore of the game. And, don’t forget, if the infographic and what I have to say isn’t enough, check out that video above!!

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