LawBreakers Four New Mode Tutorials

LawBreakers introduces 4 new battle modes and gives tutorials for each! The first, Uplink:

This mode will be available for the first time in the upcoming Rise Up Beta! This mode is almost like capture the flag. You and your team must capture the uplink and complete the download of information in order to with the game.

#2 – Overcharge:

In this mode, you and your team must grab the battery and bring it back to your base in order to charge it. While it is being charged, it can be stolen at any time by the other team and also retains it’s charge, so you and your team must get it back fast!

#3 – Turf War:

You and your team must reach the score limit, score 16 points to win. There are 3 “capturable” zones per round. Stand in a zone, and it counts as a point and locks. After all 3 zones are captured, a new round continues  and new zones are available to capture. Reach 16 points first, and you win!

#4 – Bliztball

You and your team must score 8 points to win. Work with your team to move a ball to the area of the arena where the goal is located. Once you pick up the ball, a timer begins to count down, reach the goal before the timer runs out or you explode. After each goal, there will be a short cool-down session and the ball with respawn in the middle of of the area, ready to battle again.

What do you guys think about these modes for LawBreakers?


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