LBP Stunts Chicago Pays Tribute to Jack Reacher in Latest Short

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We’ve featured the LBP Stunts Chicago team many times before on the pages of EB, mainly because they’re gnarly ninjas with a knack for stunt fighting. They always bring the pain if you will, and the fight choreography is just as solid as what you’d see in a blockbuster flick. When Manny Manzanares is behind the camera and the moves there’s no telling what type of close quarters combat action you may see.

His latest project with the LBP Stunts Chicago crew is an unbalanced brawl in the vein of Jack Reacher. If you’ve seen the Tom Cruise starring movie then you’ll be intimately familiar with LBP’s take on it. ‘RETROACTION’ essentially mimics the 5-on-1 fight featured in the film where Reacher beats the tar out of a gang of nitwits who were hired to take him off the scent of the crime he’s investigating. Shawn Bernal takes the lead as Reacher, and he proves that he has what it takes to kick some ass, and he didn’t even need a multi-million dollar movie budget to make him look good doing it. Head on down below to check out some top-notch stunt fighting courtesy of the LBP Stunts Chicago crew.

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