LBP Stunts/Thousand Pounds Combine Forces to Recreate Iconic Anime Fights

The talented martial art troupes of LBP Stunts Chicago and Thousand Pounds Stunt Team have combined forces to recreate live action versions of some of the more iconic anime fights scenes found within that genre.  Once again their skills are put to the test and both teams live up to their reputations.  This time around their weapon skills are put to the test as they play out scenes from both SAMURAI CHAMPLOO/NINJA SCROLL, and SWORD OF THE STRANGER.

Coincidentally, I also tested out my own sword fighting skills over the Thanksgiving break with the tutelage of Hollywood’s own Action Factory stunt team, and I can say without a doubt that I’ll leave the swordplay to pros like LBP, Thousand Pounds, and AF.  Let’s just say I looked more like a special needs child with two left feet than a trained warrior like the stuntmen and women featured in the video below.  I can definitely appreciate the skill required to pull off a choreographed sword fight now, and I think the LBP and Thousand Pounds teams did a masterful job in doing so in their latest anime infused work below.

Speaking of the stars in this anime inspired short you, may recognize a few of them from some of the other action sequence videos we’ve recently posted on this site.  Mickey Facchinello from the recent Catwoman in real life sequence returns with some awesome bo staff skills while Emmanuel Manzanares, who starred in both Yo Soy Un Hombre Loco, and the recent Sony FS100 demo video, takes a crack at the Director/Choreographer’s chair.  I think you’ll be pleased with their efforts.  Especially if you recognize the anime inspired fights that they’ve recreated.  Check it out below, and let them know what you think!  You’ve been wishing sword fighting was as easy as these stunt teams make it look…

Boogie Woogie Feng Shui No. 5


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