League of Legends Tune Transformed Into an 8-bit Masterpiece

Joe Jeremiah brings old school like none other

The latest entry in Joe Jeremiah’s “A-Bit” series will most definitely resonate with the PC gaming crowd. He’s taken the “Character Select” music by Christian Lake from the League of Legends video game and remastered it as an 8-bit masterpiece.

Once again Jeremiah proves why he’s one of the more talented chiptunes artists on the planet with his unique take on one of the most popular video game franchises on the planet. If you like what you hear make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

You can also support Joe by hitting up his Patreon page and other social links, which can be found below. Make sure to click on his tag below if you want to see more of his work that we’ve collected over the months on the site. At this point he needs to release a compilation CD featuring his best work, because his catalogue just keeps on expanding week in and week out. Old school gamers, you won’t be disappointed with any of Joe’s work.

Joe Jeremiah on the Internet

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