Leaked iPhone 5 Images and Possible Delay for iPad 3

This has certainly been the Summer of the Leak with Apple and Comic Book movies taking the cake for most leaks in 3 months time.  Today M.I.C. Gadget has released an image of what is believed to be from an iPhone 5 assembly line.  The image shows the front cover of the supposed iPhone 5 (what, Jobs still hasn’t confirmed its existence) while some space suit wearing workers assemble the magical device.  The big deal about this leak is that it shows the rumored elongated Home button that is to be a new feature of the iPhone 5.  The images look to be the real deal, but does it concern anyone else that these things have to be assembled using suits that look like they could used during surgery on a patient with AIDS?  Makes you feel good about holding these things up to your face all day long doesn’t it?

iPhone 5? Cancer Machines? Laser Guns?

Not to be outdone by it’s little brother, the iPad 3 is also getting some attention today because there are rumors floating around that it will indeed be pushed back until 2012.  Initially many insiders speculated that the iPad 3 would come out this Fall, but I guess there’s been some issues regarding the new retina screen that have limited mass production of the device.  Supposedly the 2,048×1,536 hi-res screens are in limited supply, so until they become easier to produce the iPad 3 will remain in Apple’s possession.  Honestly, I’m relieved by this iPad 3 news because I don’t know if I could handle spending more cash after dropping around $3K in the past 4 months on Apple gear.  Let’s not forget that the iPhone 5 is almost guaranteed to be coming to a store near you this Fall with the date of October 7, 2011 looking more and more like the official street date.  So what are you more excited for, the iPhone 5, or the iPad 3?  You’ve been thinking about taking out a loan at the official bank of Apple…


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