Leaked LOST Epilogue Has Been Plugged

A few days ago the 12 minute LOST epilogue leaked online, but for the most part Disney has cleaned it up.  They did provide a teaser clip for the epilogue, which is called “The New Man in Charge”, and stars good old Ben Linus.  The full clip will be available with the LOST box set and the LOST Season 6 DVD, which hits stores 8/24.  “The New Man in Charge” is said to answer a few questions that bothered many fans when the series ended in May, without providing these solutions.  The following mysteries should get some closure in the full version of “The New Man in Charge”: the island’s pregnancy issues, the presence of polar bears, Walt’s specialness, the relevance of Room 23 and the Hurley bird.

The one mystery that I don’t get why people need answers to is the polar bears deal.  I thought it was pretty evident that they were brought there by the Dharma initiative, but may be there’s more meat to the story.  Oh well, not everyone can be as cool as the E.B., some just need information spoon fed to them.

I can tell you one thing though, this epilogue deal is chafing many people’s asses.  The mood seems to be sour in regards to the epilogue with most haters bitching that these topics should’ve been addressed through out the series and not as a selling point to the Box set.

Some people are just never happy.  If you want to catch the full version of “The New Man in Charge” you’ll have to wait until 8/24.  In the mean time you can use the Via link below to watch the teaser for it.  I can’t seem to find a source that will allow me to embed it, so it must be top secret sh*t.  You’ve been ready to get back to LOST…

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