Learn About the Origins of the Nintendo Game Boy In Under a Minute

The LORE YouTube channel has released an interesting recap of a key device that helped shaped gaming into the industry that it is today. This device is none other than the Nintendo Game Boy, which during its time went on to be the most successful gaming handheld around, even though it had crappy all grey graphics. It’s keys to success though lied in its exclusive access to Tetris, as well as the fact that the Game Boy didn’t eat up batteries like tic-tacs thanks to the older technology it used. Although, as a kid I opted for the Game Gear because of its backlit screen and color visuals, and while it definitely had better looking games, they weren’t actually better games to play.

If you want to get a quick recap of how the Game Boy came to be, then head on up above and tune into a quick little lore lesson. It won’t take longer than a minute.


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