Learn More About Westworld’s Cradle Lab With New BTS Video

On the latest episode of Westworld a new lab was revealed and it is called the Cradle. Within the Cradle all of the host pearls are stored as backups, which were revealed to be their brains. Apparently this lab will play a large role in the remaining episodes of Westworld’s second season, and we already know that one main character is currently exploring its inner workings, and if you watched the latest episode, you know that this character has found another major character within the world that the Cradle creates for the host pearl backups.

A new behind-the-scenes video has been released to provide a bit more explanation on the Cradle, which you can watch above. It features cast and crew interviews in which insights are explored about the Cradle lab and how it was conceptually designed, as well as what its purposes are for the show. Let’s just say that it’s already playing a key role this season, and that it will definitely provide more insights about the inner working of Westworld and what Delos was doing with its IP.


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