Gamers will need to prepare themselves for some frantic combat, mastering the skills and abilities of fourteen different classmates in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Thankfully, a new trailer has been released today, highlighting Type-0’s nuanced combat system.

Presented once more in the news bulletin-style trailers that the game has become known for, the Combat System Gameplay Trailer, showcases the different types of abilities and combat specialties that each of the fourteen members of Class 0 has to offer.

As made clear in the trailer, Class 0’s members prefer to fight in small groups of three, working together to chain attacks an out maneuver their targets. In the unfortunate chance that a member falls in combat, one of the other classmates will be able to step up in their place.

Dynamic and exciting, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is shaping up to be a worthwhile entry into the fabled series’ mythos.


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