Learning how to use a keyboard properly to type is not my idea of having fun, but when you turn it into a videogame this lesson becomes much less sucky, if not enjoyable.  Z-Type manages to do just that.  It takes the pain of learning how to type and dumps it on its head by making the mundane process a videogame similar to 1942, or other 2D flying games from consoles past such as Life Force for the NES.  The best part about Dominic Szablewski’s Z-Type game is that it’s free, and it runs in your browser.

It’s a snappy little Javascript game that he made for the ChromeExperiments site, so I’m not sure if it’ll work in other browsers or not, so if it doesn’t quit being a lazy as* and download Chrome already.  Even if you’re a pecker (not that pecker perv) you’ll have a blast playing Z-Type.  Click on the button below to give it a whirl, and be prepared to have the most awesome lesson in typing you’ve ever had.  You’ve never thought learning of any kind could actually be fun…

Z-Type: Learning for Gamers

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