Learn Wolfenstein’s Lore in Sixty Seconds

Wolfenstein: The New Order has proven to be one of 2014’s most impressive first-person shooters, taking a storied video game franchise and updating it into a modern hit.

Those who aren’t familiar with the previous entries into the Wolfenstein title or skipped over most of the 2014 game’s dialogue may have found themselves scratching their heads when trying to comprehend the game’s story, but thankfully, the LORE YouTube Channel has struck gold again, releasing a concise and funny video that will get viewers up to speed in under a minute.

In the ‘Wolfenstein Lore in a Minute!’ video, the LORE team is at their best once more, pumping out tons of great information in mere seconds, combined with absolutely brilliant illustrations.

After checking out the Wolfenstein lore video, be sure to take a peek at the other great videos on their channel.


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