Leave Your Dancing Shoes at Home While Playing SWTOR

[UPDATE] Bioware has recently announced that they have begun banning Star Wars: The Old Republic players who dance during combat with enemy NPC’s.  Yes, I said dancing can get you in a whole lot of trouble in SWTOR!  I guess there is a known glitch (/getdown command) in the game that prevents enemy NPC’s from being able to target your character while he/she is doing their best shopping cart, and/or lawnmower routine.  If you break out in dance while being shot at the computer essentially can’t kill you.

Bioware has officially said that they will ban player accounts who knowingly exploit the break dancing glitch.  What I don’t understand is why they even included the animation and make them accessible by the user in the first place.  I hate game exploiting players, but isn’t this glitch Bioware’s fault?  Supposedly there are going to be authorized dance zones where players can dance without penalty, but they’re more or less banning players for finding a glitch in their code.  Surely there are a-holes out there who take advantage of these exploits and they need punished, but the fact that Bioware is banning people over their mistake kind of bothers me.

I mean technically if their code was air tight then gamers wouldn’t be able to dance, but it’s not, so the wily gaming crowd has taken the ball and ran with it.  It’s a touchy subject all together, so feel free to chime in with your opinions on the matter in the comments section below.  I hate glitchers, but I don’t agree with penalizing people for a game breaking bug that the developer missed out on.  You can see this break dancing glitch in action below.  Let loose the Trolls!!  You’ve been wishing Mos Eisley was around to get your boogie on to the Cantina theme…

[UPDATE] Bioware has already patched this bug, so kudos to them!  It is the right thing to do.  Here are the patch notes.


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