Lefty and Tiger Trade Roles at The Masters

Everyone knows by now that Phil Mickelson won the 2010 Masters in impressive fashion, but did you know that he and Tiger traded roles yesterday?  For the first time Tiger truly lost his nerves during a final round of a major, and Mickelson had nerves of steel making Tiger-like shots on every hole.  Tiger blew the PGA last year, but that was due to physical issues and he was probably worrying about which mistress to bang that night, plus Phil has never looked this dominant in a major.

Tiger just looked awful yesterday!  Don’t get me wrong he still finished 4th in a major after taking nearly half a year off, but he was making swings that I never dreamed he’d make.  For example, did you see him duff his bunker shot on hole 2?  When has Tiger ever looked mortal on the golf course like that?  He hit the ball about 2 feet from a perfect lie in the sand.  I could hit that ball at least 2.5 feet, please.

How about his 3 putt from fifteen feet?  That was truly something I’ve never see him do.  Anyone that golfs knows how cool it is to 3 putt from that distance.  Those instances really make you feel good inside, and barely make you want to bury your putter in the green tomahawk style.  You could tell he was ready to explode after missing the birdie putt, so he walked up and pushed his par putt wide.  At that moment I was waiting for him to head butt the nearest patron for shits and giggles.

If anything the game of golf and its fans were truly treated to a great tournament over the weekend.  Tiger may have looked like Phil Mickelson, but Phil stole some pages from Tiger’s book to bring those amazing moments to the majors we typically expect from Mr. Woods.  How about that shot out of the woods and over a creek to put it within 10 feet or so for eagle?  Good for Phil he deserves it, yeah Phil!

Who knows when we’ll see Tiger again.  In a post round interview he mentioned he’s going to take more time off to figure tings out.  I’m not sure if that’s in reference to his spotty swing, or his marriage.  I for one hope it isn’t too long, because it was great to see him back.

I just hope he gets his game together and his mojo back.  At this point I’m still unsure if he’ll ever command the same respect on the course again.  His armor has many chinks in it now, and the air of invulnerability that surrounds him is basically gone.  Will golfers fear him again?  Obviously Phil Mickelson does not.

You’ve been enlightened…


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