Legendary Films Sheds Some Light on the Mass Effect Movie

These days videogames are approaching the same scale as big budget blockbusters, which is causing some studios to get in on the action by making movies based on said games.  Unfortunately, most videogame movies are worse than catching HIV, so most of the time are beloved properties are turned to sh*t on the silver screen.  I’m hoping this will not be the case with the Mass Effect movie, which is being produced by one of my favorite studios, Legendary Pictures.  I love this company because they’re not afraid to put out R-rated movies in this day and age of wussification.  I always know that a Legendary film will be right up my wheelhouse, because they go for the ultra violent movie magic that was abundant in the 80’s.

As far as their Mass effect project goes they haven’t released many details, but recently someone found a Q&A on the subject that came out of some fan questions at the SDCC.  There are some details about the film in there, but the most important one is that the movie version of Mass Effect will not be about the games.  It’ll be an entirely new story, so I’ll be interested to see where things go once filming takes place.  For the full list of questions and answers in regards to the Mass effect movie head on down past the break.  You’ve been thinking that they should just redo the games and be done with it…

Mass Effect Movie Q & A

Q: Will it just be an adaptation of the first game, second game, or a completely new story?

A: It will be a completely new story

Q: How are you going to address the element of ‘choice’ that the players have in the game?

A: A movie narrative is different than gameplay. There won’t be a choice aspect to this film, just a normal film narrative.

Q: Will it be a trilogy?

A: We are really focused on making this a great movie, so we’ll see where it takes us. We have to get the first one right to know whether there will be more.

Q: Will Seth Green portray Joker (that character he voiced in the game?)

A: No.

Q: Will the movie be focused on Shepard?

A: Yes.

Q: If the movie is focused on Shepard, will it be the male Shepard or the female Shepard?

A: Male.

Q: Can you give any hints to potential casting?

A: No. Stay tuned.

Q: Will BioWare allow plot / character changes?

A: Yes, we are working closely with BioWare on the development of this project.

Q: Would you consider Daft Punk to do the soundtrack?

A: We love Daft Punk, but it’s too early to say who will produce the soundtrack.

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