“Legends of Fire and Steel” Kickstarter Awareness

Predominately based in Southeast Asia, Legends of Fire and Steel‘s developer Boomzap Entertainment has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help support the development of their newest game. July 18th, 2015 is the cutoff date; and as of this writing, just under $2,300 of their $50,000 goal has been pledged. Legends offers a refreshing take on often overlooked turn-based strategy games, merging gameplay mechanics of popular board games (Risk) and card games (Magic: The Gathering). The potential for greatness is pretty clear from their Kickstarter video – it shows the impressive backgrounds of their developers, a clear and succinct vision for the game’s direction, and a close-knit work environment illustrating a genuine passion for the project.

Between the Kickstarter link and video, the content seems to be worth the garnered interest. If you’re still craving information, you might want to check out their Facebook (and give ’em a like while you’re there).

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