LEGO Marvel Avengers is the newest game in the widely popular LEGO franchise, and they’re making sure that fans of both Marvel and Lego are going to fall in love with it. The whimsical humor from the LEGO games is right there as always, from little stuff like idle animations to being able to play as Stan Lee, and the awesomely funny attacks and grapples from the heroes.

The heroes shown off were Iron Man, Hulk, and Stan Lee himself. Hulk has some pretty awesome movement ability, it’s reminiscent of how he moves in Ultimate Destruction, with jumps that launch you far and wide, and high speed that will take you where you need to be quick. Iron Man has the coolest ability seen so far, being able to switch between all of his different suits, including Hulkbuster on the fly by entering a display inside his helmet and selecting one. The last, and greatest hero of them all, Stan Lee, is basically the same as Iron Man. He has his own Iron Stan suit and can hold his own that way, but that’s not the best part. The best part is that he has his own Stan Buster suit, completely refitted for him, with a giant pencil cannon, writing lamp, and a built-in typewriter so that he can fight crime AND write more comics!

Aside from the heroes and their abilities, the game looks amazing, almost too pretty to be a LEGO game, if that makes any sense. The lighting effects and character design is awesome, everything really looks and feels alive in the game, and the flashy effects from attacks and enemies exploding into a bunch of LEGO blocks looks really cool, and a lot better than Super Heroes. Expect this game in January 2016, and check out the video above to get your fix while you wait!


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