LEGO Dimensions E3 Preview: Is the Game Too Hands-On?

LEGO Dimensions is the next entry into the playable/collectible figure business that has taken the industry by storm. While at E3, I was able to preview LEGO Dimensions and see what the upcoming title is all about.

While tucked away in a cozy little theater on the showroom floor, the presentation began. WildStyle, Batman, and Gandalf set off on an adventure to set things right in the LEGO world. As I watched on, I could see how this was surely going to be the next best thing because any LEGO character or vehicle was playable, regardless of the character being from the starter pack or add-on.

HighRes_LEGO_DimensionsLEGO Dimensions starts to get complex when you have to start moving the toys around on the base to progress in the level. This is not to say that doing so is hard in a gameplay sense — because the color-makred areas on the base serve as clear indicators — but more so hard in the sense that the extra step feels unnecessary. Do you really need to get up continuously and move characters around just to progress? It wouldn’t be hard to do because the colors on the base make it easy to work, but do you really want to have to always get up to move the figures? You could easily keep the base close, but is that what you really want to worry about the entire time you are playing?

While the decision to force players to move characters around the base is perplexing, Dimensions is no without it’s smart additions. One of the biggest innovations in LEGO Dimensions is how every vehicle can be broken down and rebuilt to showcase a new ability for level progression.

It is interesting to see the different characters in worlds that are not their own, but that is the main selling point of LEGO Dimensions, right? The Wizard of Oz, Portal 2, and Scooby Doo were some of the worlds shown off during the preview at E3 and it will be interesting to see where LEGO Dimensions in the future. Check out the latest trailer posted below and be sure to check out some screenshots posted here.


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