LEGO Dimensions Trailer Hits on What Makes LEGO Awesome

There’s something special about LEGOs that no other toy could ever truly emulate. They’re the flashiest or cuddliest things on the planet (as anybody who’s ever stepped on a stray block can confirm), but every package of LEGOs contains the promise of unbridled creativity and the ability to build whatever the heck comes to mind. The trailer for LEGO Dimensions drives this point home, emphasizing the ways in which players can combine characters and worlds to create their own unique adventures.

Of course, this toys-to-life game emphasizes that, in order for you to completely unleash your creative genius on the LEGO multiverse, you’re going to need to buy the expansion packs, a la Skylanders and Disney Infinity. But then again, standard LEGOs are kind of like that anyway.

LEGO Dimensions arrives on September 27, 2015.


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