LEGO Master Builders Craft Life-Size Super Heroes for SDCC 2017

If you have seen any footage recently from SDCC 2017 you may have caught a glimpse of these LEGO master creations. They are life-size models of Thor and the Flash to honor Thor’s new movie coming out this November and the next season of The Flash. Above you will find Thor’s quick build video which took Master Builders 290 hours to complete with a whopping 33,495 LEGO bricks. This model stood seven feet tall and was modeled after Hemsworth’s new look in, Thor: Ragnarok.

Below you will be able to find the next LEGO hero. Master builders crafted the Flash, in honor of the new season coming out on the CW. This model took just over 250 hours to create and used a whopping 20,909 LEGO bricks to craft, which stands at just over six feet tall. Check out the video below!

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