LEGOs Get Violent In This John Brick 2 Stop Motion Action Short

The Keshen8 YouTube channel has dusted off its John Brick series, which features a LEGO-ized take on the John Wick action movie franchise. Like the original, John Brick 2 doesn’t hold back on the violence, so you’ll see all sorts of brick men getting their plastic heads blown open and holes blasted into their rectangular bodies.

I don’t want to sound too sadistic, or off kilter, but seeing little LEGO brick men getting shot up with blood and gut effects is kind of funny to behold. It makes the brutality of the Wick franchise seem charming and fun. Like I said, I’m not insane, I just find LEGO on LEGO murder to be silly looking. Head on up above to check it out for yourself.

Make sure to check out the first John Brick from Keshen if you haven’t seen it yet! Hopefully this will turn into a trilogy just like the live-action franchise.


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