Leia and Poe To Be A Large Focus of The Resistance in ‘The Last Jedi’

EW is continuing its exclusive coverage of Star Wars: The Last Jedi today, and the first article released focuses on General Leia and the Resistance. If you thought that the Resistance had won the war in The Force Awakens, you’re gravely mistaken. In fact, thanks to the attack on the New Republic home worlds, the Resistance is in even more dire straits than ever before. They’re cutoff from the galaxy, but they remain to be the only force willing to fight the First Order’s attempts at galactic domination. As Johnson explains the Resistance isn’t in a good spot, “No, no, no. Not at all,” he told EW. “They’re a small band that’s now cut off, on its own, and hunted when the Republic is shattered. When the First Order did that hit, the Resistance is isolated, and they’re very, very vulnerable. That’s where we pick them up.”

The article also touched on the bond between Poe and Leia in this film. Apparently Leia sees Poe as a “surrogate son,” which Isaac told as much to EW. Although Isaac went on to say, “I think she sees in him the potential for a truly great leader of the Resistance and beyond.” It sounds like Leia will be grooming Poe to be her successor, or at least more than a squadron leader for the Resistance.

Laura Dern’s Vice Admiral Holdo’s interactions with Leia are also teased, but Johnson didn’t offer up much because he believes the mystery behind Dern’s character is too important to fully divulge. He said, “The secrecy does have a purpose in that part of the fun with Laura’s character, with Admiral Holdo, is figuring out what her relationship is to everybody as you go along through the movie.” I’m guessing her relationship with Leia will be a bit contentious, but either way it sounds like the Resistance will be under attack right from the get go, so don’t expect a peaceful opening for them when the film hits theaters this December.

Finally, the piece went on to mention that the story wasn’t changed for Fisher’s death, but somehow fans will get an emotional payoff according to Johnson. “There’s no way that we could’ve known this would’ve been the last Star Warsmovie she would be in, so it’s not like we made the film thinking that we were bringing closure to the character,” Johnson told EW. “But watching the film, there’s going to be a very emotional reaction to what she does in this movie.” I still don’t know how that is possible unless Leia’s fate was always to be decided in The Last Jedi and everyone involved has been blowing smoke up our asses, but we will just have to take his word for it for now.

Stay tuned for more The Last Jedi coverage, because EW isn’t done dropping bombs quite yet.


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