I woke up this morning with an empty feeling in my stomach now that the Gears of War 3 Beta has come and gone.  I’m sure many other Gears fans are feeling this same void in their gaming lives now that Epic’s sneak peek of Gears of War 3’s multiplayer component is over.  I can’t express how grateful I am to have played this beta, and I can honestly say that Epic Games has something special with the Gears 3 MP piece.  I know for a fact that we will now be getting an extremely polished experience once this title officially gets released on September 20, 2011.  Although, as with any beta experience I did learn a few things from my time with the Gears 3 MP beta that I’ll be keeping my eye on once the final build drops this Fall.

New Weapons

Personally, I enjoyed the various new weapons that were introduced in the Gears 3 Beta, but that doesn’t mean every gamer feels the same way.  With that being said I’m curious to see how many tweaks Epic will make to these new weapons between now and September.  I don’t feel like many changes are needed because I feel all of the new weapons have their advantages and disadvantages that can be negated by a proper defense, but many gamers took offense to some of the new weapons and their powers.  I’m speaking of the DBS (double barreled shotty), and the retro lancer.

These Two Mean B*tches were Both Revered and Hated by Gears 3 Beta Testers

These new tools of destruction were the bane of many beta player’s existence, and there was plenty of b*tching about them on the forums and Twitter.  Due to this fact I feel like Epic may implement some changes to how powerful these weapons are, but I’m hoping that they leave them alone and force these whining Gears players to change their tactics, rather than making code changes on the back end.  In my 4 weeks of playing the Gears 3 Beta I never felt like I got killed because one of these new weapons were cheap, or too strong, but I did have some issues with the combat when it came to scripted animations such as the retro charge, and the chainsaw charge.

Scripted Animation Invincibility

I really feel like the Gears 3 Beta was a solid experience that doesn’t require many tweaks except for when it comes to charging opponents who are wielding the retro lancer, or the chainsaw equipped lancer.  For some reason both of these kill animations more or less make the gamer pulling them off invincible.  For example, I don’t know how many times some n00b would charge me with their bayonet, eat a face full of bullets, and not die.  It felt like if I tried to kill them in their battle charge a black hole would open and allow them to pass through it, avoiding my bullets and drastically cutting down the distance between myself and them in the process.  In my opinion, if I stick a DBS in your grill before you impale me with your bayonet you should turn into a pile of meat.

Sucky Result, Especially When you Blasted the Bayonet Charging Fool in the Face From a Few Yards Out

The same can be said about chainsaw wielding players that chase you around the map like a brain dead Jason.  If they get close enough to you, regardless of how many shots you put into them, they seem to suck you in their direction as if they had a vacuum cleaner instead of a chainsaw on their gun.  This has been an issue in every Gears of War title to date, but for some reason it feels even more cheap now.  It seems like a chainsaw wielding enemy has some sort of force field around them that prevents them from dropping the chainsaw when shot in the gut with a shotgun.  Once again, If I clearly blast you from 3 feet away you should be liquefied and not still charging me with a raised chainsaw, but for some reason I get sucked into this death trap as if my opponent had some sort of high-powered suction device attached to the chainsaw.

Both of these instances are extremely frustrating and just don’t seem to be realistic.  Obviously, Gears of War isn’t realistic in the first place, but if I shoot someone running at me with a bayonet I can promise you that they’ll at least die while they plunge the knife into my gut.  I would like to see some sort of stopping motion if I blast an enemy with a gun that can turn people into piles of goo.  As they stand now both the chainsaw and bayonet charges have to be the cheapest feeling deaths in the entire game.

This Should Never Happen if I Shoot You First!

Initial Wall Bounce Malfunctions

The last glaring issue I had with the Gears 3 Beta is the fact that your initial wall bounce almost always puts you back into a casual stride versus the roadie run.  When I respawn I instinctively go into a roadie run with the intention of wall bouncing off the first obstacle in my way.  The bounce always happens without fail, but for some reason my character will go back into a walking motion after the first wall bounce of ever life.  This is annoying more than anything because it gets me out of my rhythm en route to hunting down my next victim.  I want to be able to start bouncing and running without interruption as soon as the respawn clock ticks down to 0.  Having my initial wall bounce revert me back to a walking pace just doesn’t feel right when you’re on a mission of death, so I’m hoping this small issue will be addressed.  If not I’ll just have to keep slamming my controller until it works the way I want it to.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt in my mind I’m expecting Gears of War 3 to have the most sound MP component in the entire franchise due to the fact that Epic offered a Beta period for it.  As it stands now the multiplayer piece of Gears of War 3 is leaps and bounds better than the MP turd we experienced in Gears 2, and with a few months left to work on it I’m sure Epic will make it even more stellar than it is now.  Even with how awesome the beta proved to be I still hope some of my concerns related to the issues in this article are addressed.  I don’t want to feel like I was cheated ever, and as it stands now that’s exactly how a majority of the bayonet/chainsaw kills feels.  On the other hand I also don’t want the new weapons (DBS/Retro) to be tweaked to a point where they don’t feel the same 4 months from now due to gamers constantly b*tching about it.

Either way I’m totally jacked for September which will bring the final build of Gears of War 3 to my console.  The beta gave us a taste of what’s in store for us, and I think Epic has made all of the right moves.  Gears of War 3 has the potential to be the 2011 GOTY, or at least the top game in the Shooter category once all of the awards are handed out for 2011.  You can tell that Epic took all of our Gears 2 grief to heart and really worked their as*es off to build the best Gears game of the franchise.  Only time will tell, but I think a large portion of us gamers will have plenty to keep us busy this Fall.  You’ve been counting down the clock ever since the Gears 3 beta ended…


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