Let It Talk: Uncle Death Talks with Atsushi Morita About PS4 Exclusive Let It Die

Uncle Death really is a charismatic fellow, is he not? In the video above, he and Sony Interactive Entertainment President for Japan and Asian Territories, Atsushi Morita, partake in an entertaining verbal volley about GungHo Online Entertainment’s upcoming PS4 exclusive: Let It Die.

There’s some real camaraderie here. While the Q&A may follow a script, the conversation between the two is teeming with candid moments. Not only do you get a glimpse into the Let It Die world, you get to watch some hilarity ensue by the skeletal host and his human guest. It seems that Let It Die is already overflowing with personality, and this is just an five-minute chat.

Check out the video above, and let us know down below if you’re looking forward to the game. Do you hate it and want it to never come out for whatever reason? Let us know that, too.


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