Let the Retail War Begin: Gamestop Offers MW3 for $1 When BF3 Traded In

If you didn’t think that there was bad blood between the companies behind Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 you’d be what I’d like to call high.  Both Activision and EA can say what they want about playing fair, or that they don’t care about how the other camp does, but that’s a croc of bantha poo-doo.  Let’s face it, business is business and both of these video game companies want the other team to fail.

To highlight this point Activision and Gamestop UK are offering gamers the chance to buy Modern Warfare 3 for just about $1 if they trade in Battlefield 3 when they pick up Infinity Ward’s third MW title.  I’m sure there’s some fine print surrounding this promotion, so if it interests you I’d make sure to call your local Gamestop to get the details worked out.  This promotion hasn’t been confirmed in the US yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we get the same offer.  If anything this shows that Activision is definitely worried about the impact of BF3 on the longevity of MW3 with multiplayer gamers.  This is a very interesting development in the war of FPS juggernauts.  You’ve been thinking that this shows weakness on the Call of Duty front…


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