Let’s Get OVERPOWERD With Evolve’s New Map and Character

Evolve Stage 2 is getting a major update. As a thanks to all of the many recent new players, Evolve is getting a new character “Renegade Abe” and a new map variant “Overpowered.” Players will also be delighted to hear that they will be getting a major boost this weekend. Starting this Friday and lasting until Monday at 10 AM PDT, players will earn 10x XP and 10x Silver Keys. Some of the new character’s features include:

  • Primary: Double Barrel Shotgun
    • ‘Penitence’ is a double barrel shotgun that poisons targets. Alt-fire increases damage and spread (fires both barrels) but does not poison.
  • Secondary: Nerve Toxin Dart
    • Abe’s dart gun inflicts damage over time, and also increases all damage done to the Monster.
  • Corrosive Grenade
    • Deploys a moderate damage grenade that also reduces the target’s damage and applies poison.
  • Lesser Defense Matrix
    • Projects a Defensive Matrix over Abe, blocking a percentage of incoming damage. This version is weaker compared to other Assaults. Abe couldn’t salvage a fully powered Defense Matrix.

The new Map Variant “Overpowered” also mixes things up quite a bit. The new mechanics of the Map Variant include:

  • There are three types of Buffs to collect, Offense, Utility and Defensive buffs.
  • Hunters and Monsters have 5 slots for the wildlife buffs.
  • You can create any combination of buffs to create the playstyle you want in Overpowered.

It’s safe to say that these new additions bring a lot more to the table, especially for a free-to-play game. This new update will also give newer players an opportunity to catch up to those who have been playing since launch, so get out there and kill some monsters. Or become the monsters…

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