Let’s Guess What Drugs This Chick Was On?

For those of us that are adults and have had the pleasure of drinking too much, or doing too much of something, and then making an a*s out of ourselves, this video will make you feel less douchey for your retarded behavior.  The chick wallowing in the shallow part of this resort style pool area has definitely indulged in some sort of mind poison.  At first you may think that she is special and just practicing some safe swimming in 2 inches of water, but then you realize that she’s cracked out once she starts convulsing to the beat of the background techno music.

At one point you begin to wonder if this girl has somehow found a way to get her rocks off by violently humping the air and doing some stripperish dance moves.  I was surprised that she didn’t grab one of the dudes in a speedo and start humping him on the spot.  The most shocking part is the end, because this is when you realize that this girl didn’t get dropped off on the short bus.  In fact, she had a crew of friends just sitting there watching her perform her best white man dancing impressions.  Check out this mess of a person below.  You’ve been wishing you were at this pool…

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