Let’s Have a Mexican Standoff – Red Dead Redemption Style!

Red Dead Redemption is an open-world western coming out May 18th from Rockstar.  Rockstar is the studio behind the massively popular Grand Theft Auto franchise that has sold trillions of copies to gamers who like to randomly punch out pedestrians, or have fun with a street walker in the park.  RDR hasn’t really been on my radar because open-world games aren’t my bag.  They’re just so freaking huge and comprehensive that my pea-brain gets bored with them all too easy.  Infamous on the PS3 is the only open-world game that I’ve actually completed, so the style is not my favorite to say the least.

Well this may all change after a tip from one of my Entertainment Buddha Disciples about Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer portion.  This [slider title=”DEB”]DEB – Disciple of Entertainment Buddha.  Credit goes to one of my readers for the acronym, cheers jschmi14!![/slider], who happens to be one of my only gaming family members, urged me to check out RDR because the multiplayer looks insane.  I trust this kid so I looked up some RDR multiplayer footage.

Let me say WOW!  I don’t know what the controls will feel like, but my Lord does it look like a flipping blast.  You basically play Cowboys and Indians, or Mexicans, in an Old West type of setting with all of the weapons of death from that era.  The gameplay just looks magnificent, and with it being a Western based game it’s also very fresh.  There really haven’t been any good Westerns games, but Red Dead Redemption looks to buck that trend.

Check out the video below to see what I’m talking about.  The visuals are amazing and the gameplay looks enthralling.  Imagine having multiplayer battles with horses, Mexican stand-offs, and good ‘ol Cowboy fun.  I have to give my man credit for showing me the light.  If you like the video as much as I did don’t forget to pre-order your copy today for a price so low Amazon won’t even list it!!


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