Dead Effect is a game which does not take itself too seriously, and always adheres to a select form of play that results in a memorable experience throughout any one session. The game is one of the campiest games I have come across in a long time, and it works like a treat. The fusion between zombies, space and bad voice acting works as well as you would expect, and even gives the likes of House of the Dead a run for its money. Despite not being on rails, Dead Effect is still very much a corridor shooter with some off the path options, as minor as they appear.

Satisfaction felt from blowing a zombies head off or causing a violent explosion causing limbs to fly is a true spectacle to behold, and rarely felt like it would become something of a chore. Gunplay often seems to come across as a huge hurdle for developers, yet Badfly Interactive seems to have got the shooting down pretty damn good. Though I did feel kind of cheated with a couple of shots taken which I was positive were headshots. This however was more than likely due to the gun in hand, than my own skill.

My let’s play ended somewhat prematurely, and so I was unable to show you guys and girls the upgrade screen that followed the stats. It turns out that Dead Effect goes a little deeper than it would appear as the game offers a suite of upgrades and enhancements to keep things fresh. Once you see the various currencies though it becomes clear to see the mobile roots of Dead Effect, however with microtransactions now gone the title is very much a complete experience, and the game it should have been from the very beginning.

Expect much more on Dead Effect from us in the weeks to come, in the mean time take a watch of the let’s play above and/or checkout the game itself on Steam right now.



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