Let’s Play Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s Open Beta

I recently played the Xenoverse 2 open beta and I enjoyed it. It was a fun time and overall it felt like a much smoother more polished Xenoverse. That however, was also a bit of a sticking point for me as I enjoyed the beta it made me realize that I couldn’t justify the price tag.

Xenoverse 2 adds some much-needed things like a larger more open hub world, more missions, an improved master student system, flying around freely, a neater hud, and fixing all the technical issues with combat making the fighting more enjoyable. These things were wonderful and I plan of playing Xenoverse 2 but the beta didn’t do enough to make me want to get it at launch. You still go through the story of Dragon Ball Z mind you with some new twists, but I would have loved for the beta to completely remove itself from the original sagas and give you new scenarios like what was Frezia doing during Dragon Ball, or how many Cell’s could invade the same universe. These would be interesting and unique things that at least from the beta we won’t get.

If you liked Xenoverse you will most definitely enjoy the sequel just be prepared for more of the same in terms of story missions. There is going to be some differences with Turles and Slug, but with Mira and Towa still pulling the strings it could end up being way too similar.

These opinions are based off of my time with the beta and not the finished product so my complaints may not be relevant to the final full game.


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