Above you will be able to check out 1080p gameplay from Sunset Overdrive, which is a new title from Insomniac Games that is set to debut on October 28, 2014 exclusively for the Xbox One.

Insomniac Games is allowing media outlets to record and/or stream gameplay from the first two hours of Sunset Overdrive, which is more than enough time to check out the unique gameplay that involves bouncing and grinding in a world that doesn’t quite feature the same level of gravity as our own. I wouldn’t call the frenetic traversal of Sunset Overdrive parkour, rather it’s a whole new take on the insane sport, albeit with zero respect for true to life physics, which allows for some wicked maneuvers in battle and while getting around town.

The gameplay footage above is taken from the first 75 minutes of gameplay, so you’ll see the tutorial mission, opening main missions, a quest, and a challenge mission. I also give you a brief glance of the map, which isn’t huge, but large enough to feature plenty of content. The video ends just before the main character embarks on a series of missions for one of his new allies to help him and his other friends escape the Fizzco quarantine that has kept them locked in the the ODs, aka, the mutant looking freaks.

My full review will go live once the embargo lifts on Monday the 27th. Make sure to check out the Let’s Play above, and stay tuned for more Sunset Overdrive. The Chaos multiplayer mode will open up on the 23rd, so I’ll make sure to offer another gameplay video at that time.

Sunset Overdrive hits the Xbox One on October 28, 2014.


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