The Long Dark is the next big survival crafting game from Hinterland Studio Inc.

Wait! Hear me out, it’s good.

In The Long Dark, you play as Will Mackenzie (disappointingly no relation to the same Will from The Inbetweeners however), and must fight to survive in every way imaginable within the Canadian wilderness. If you thought everything was out to get you in Don’t Starve, then you should know that The Long Dark is not dissimilar to that in how everything wants your blood. Especially the weather, the most deadly killer of all. Besides the wolves, that is.

I recorded a Let’s Play showing a fair few (in game) hours of The Long Dark, which have gone from bad to good to bad to not so bad. This is the first of a series of videos which will last as long as it takes me to die. I am a fighter, however! So hopefully that will not be too soon.

Please remember that all footage was taken from a very early Alpha build of the game, and everything is subject to change.


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