The Red Solstice from Ironward is currently in Alpha on Steam’s Early Access Platform, and it’s an 8-player co-op game that encourages teamwork and brutality. The gameplay is best described as a mix between Starcraft II and Blizzard’s other top-down RTS titles, and it plays a lot like Diablo 3 in terms of the rabid clicking controls.

We were graciously given access to The Red Solstice Alpha on Steam, so I recorded a “Let’s Play” of the game’s single-player prologue, as well as a full on 8-player multiplayer match. The multiplayer matches play out in a horde style affair with waves of increasingly difficult enemies trying to take you and your squad down. Communication is key to survival as each player must pull their own weight and help support the squad for any chance of survival.

You can check out the “Let’s Play” of The Red Solstice above, and if you like what you see make sure to check out the game on Steam. It has been updated to version 1.78, so there is a new map to play and female space marines.


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