Leviathan Reaper DLC More or Less Confirmed for Mass Effect 3

Anthony Skordi is a voice actor, and he confirmed that he’ll be providing his services for the character of Leviathan in an upcoming DLC pack of Mass Effect 3.  If you don’t want any DLC spoilers please stop reading this post NOW.  Leviathan is a Reaper who has been kicked out of the cool kids club for killing one of his own kind.  Shepard comes in contact with this lonely synthetic during the rumored DLC content’s mission to save a scientist on a Reaper controlled mine.

Leviathan could possibly be recruited as a war asset, and may even shed some more light on the Reapers themselves.  If this rumored DLC, which has nearly been confirmed by Skordi, does get released it looks like gamers will get even more information about the civilization eating robots.  Stay tuned for more news on this topic as it comes out.  You’ve been wishing this DLC was out already considering that you already beat the game 4 months ago…


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