‘Life is Strange: Before the Storm’ Deluxe Edition Expands Chloe’s Wardrobe

And that’s just one of the perks from shelling out an extra eight bucks. Life is Strange: Before the Storm is coming out August 31 for $16.99. If you decide to pick up the deluxe edition for $24.99, however, you’ll be treated to much more than Chloe’s new duds seen in the trailer above.

You’ll also gain access to an exclusive Mixtape Mode that allows you to customize your own playlist of Life is Strange tunes to listen to while you play through the prequel. Those still clinging onto the original game’s Max Caulfield will be happy to hear that the deluxe edition comes with Farewell, a bonus episode that, once again, puts you in Max’s shoes. Check out the trailer above; let us know what you think down below.

Is this a big enough bundle of perks for you?


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