Sometimes a simple mobile title is all the doctor ordered to get a gamer through a dull part of his or her day. Although, these days mobile titles have reached the complexities of their PC and console brethren, so finding a stress-free, easy-to-play mobile game isn’t as easy as it used to be. Luckily, there’s a new title called Light A Way, which offers near mindless gameplay, so it’s beyond easy to learn and play, but even though you just have to tap, tap, tap your way through it, it manages to become somewhat addicting while also brining a sense of serenity to your mind.


I believe Light A Way gets away with its mundane gameplay — you literally tap on any part of the screen to launch attacks — thanks to the beauty of the world it offers. The game features an Ori and the Blind Forest look and feel, and sports a soothing soundtrack, so while the gameplay is beyond caveman-like, the setting of the world manages to distract you from it. The game really is beautiful to look at, so I do believe the visual polish helps to keep you engaged even though you don’t need too many brain cells to participate.

Light A Way’s RPG elements help to excuse the mindless gameplay as well. Overtime you earn currency that allows you to upgrade your own attacks, but also the attacks of a floating whale that spawns little attackers, which help aid you in your quest to vanquish darkness from the world. In addition to ranking up your attacks and those of the floating whale, you can also unlock additional beings that spawn from the whale to help beat on your enemies. Each of these can in turn be ranked up, so there is a bit of strategy in how you rank up and unlock new attackers. You can also rank up your character’s staff, as well as unlock magic spells and rank them up.

Even the RPG elements don’t take much effort to master, so while on the outside Light A Way may seem like a boring tap-fest, the magic feel of its world somehow compels you to keep coming back to it. Best of all, while you’re not playing you earn currency to keep ranking up yourself and your forces, so the game continues to progress even when you’re not playing. This allows you to get quick jaunts in throughout your day while also making progression towards your ability and character ranks, so you never feel like you have to grind to get better quick. The game more or less does it for you.

If you want a beautiful looking free-to-play mobile title that doesn’t require much effort to play, but somehow offers a compelling gameplay experience, then look no further than Light A Way. I honestly thought I’d just play it for this review, but I find myself firing it up daily, mostly when I have 5-minutes to kill, because it brings me a bit of serenity while also scratching my need to feel like I’m being productive thanks to its RPG elements. You can download the game now from the App Store and Google Play. Head on down below to check out a gameplay trailer to see how it plays.

Review Summary

Story - 5
Gameplay - 6.5
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 7.5
Entertainment Value - 7



Light A Way doesn't challenge you with its mindless gameplay, but its RPG elements and beautiful world make it hard to put down.


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