Square Enix’s Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 is now available to the public in the US, so it’s only appropriate that a launch trailer has been released in addition to a ton of new screenshots.

Lightning Returns offers a brand new story for players to enjoy as they take direct control over the titular heroine en route to saving the day, hopefully. According to Yoshinori Kitase, a producer for Lightning Returns, this game will have a clear conclusion unlike the previous two. He stated, “We wanted to create a conclusive title with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 – one that not only ties up Lightning’s storyline, but also provides players an extremely memorable and aesthetically visual gameplay experience.” Hopefully that’s the case, because the endings of the first two games really didn’t offer any sort of resolution to the overall Final Fantasy 13 story.

In addition to the new story and focus on Lightning, players will also be able to download all sorts of DLC for Lightning Returns such as the Tomb Raider and Sphere Hunter DLC packs that give Lightning some familiar Square family costumes. Both of these DLC packs will retail for $3.99.

Extreme fans who want to play Lightning Returns as a true JRPG can also download the original Japanese voiceovers free of charge until February 25, 2014. After that date they will cost $3.99, so make sure to download those as soon as possible if the thought of having Japanese speaking characters interests you.

To kick off the launch of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 you can watch the new trailer after the break. There’s also plenty of new screenshots to look over in honor of the official release.

is now available for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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